Excuse me ma’am, what’s in those bottles?

A few years ago, while we were living in Tennessee, I read an article in the newspaper, a blurb, really, that was about a drug bust.  A state trooper had pulled someone over for speeding, or maybe it was expired tags, and then found cause to search the car.  They found cocaine and meth.  The kicker was, they found it in old laundry detergent bottles.  (I belive they were Tide bottles.  Only the best for the local drug distributors.)  The man said he was bringing recyclables to the dump, and that was why he had a lot of detergent bottles in his car.  When the trooper was asked why he looked in the bottles, he said it was because the bottles looked so clean, they looked suspicious.  There weren’t even any drips of detergent down the sides of them.  And that was suspicious.

I think of this article whenever I wipe down the sides of my detergent bottle.  Every time I do a load of laundry, I pour the detergent in the cap, deposit the contents of the cap into the wash, put it back on the bottle, and then use something from that load (a sock or a washcloth, for example) to wipe down the side of the bottle so that there aren’t any drips. 

I wonder if my recycled laundry detergent bottles are a source of suspicion down at the recycling plant.

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