Dog, you are a sanity-saver.

All I can say is, thank God we got ourselves a patient dog. 

Why?  Because my daughter has taken it upon herself to take care of the dog, and therefore is ever-vigilant and ever-present when it comes to the dog.  She is always in front of the dog’s face.  She is always trying to “train” the dog.  She is always taking the dog outside to go potty.  She is always doing something with the dog.  And if I was the dog, I would have bitten her by now.  Hard.

My daughter is a lovely little girl, but–and you knew there was a but coming, didn’t you?–she is the kind of girl who always needs to be engaged in some sort of activity.  When she does not have a purpose, she is exceedingly annoying, always poking at you and making faces and asking annoying questions like, “What’s my name?” or “What’s my favorite color?”  And many, many other annoying things that I cannot even describe.

Now her focus, her activity, is taking care of the dog.  And while sometimes it creates more work for me, there are also times that she takes a load off of my shoulders by helping out.  For instance, she frequently takes the dog outside to go potty, and that’s a wonderful help seeing as we haven’t gotten a fence built yet and we have to take the dog out with a leash and stand over her until she’s finished.  (Saying “go potty” over and over again is not my idea of a good time.  I’d much rather the girl do it instead of me.  And amazingly enough, she’d much rather do it, too.)  But the girl is a little relentless when it comes to being constantly available to the dog.  Sometimes I have to tell her to leave the dog alone, already.

And sometimes, when it’s just her and me, I apologize to the dog.  I also tell her that I’m very grateful she likes my daughter, because it better her than me.


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