now, Now, NOW!

I’ve had this lack of focus lately that’s finally become bothersome.  I’ve not been able to sit down and do anything– from write on my blog to balance my checkbook –without feeling like I’m going to come out of my skin and need to go do something else right the heck now

I’ve blamed it on my lack of routine lately.  We had my father come for a visit, and then we went on vacation, and then we got a dog.  (Which, man, a puppy sure can take up the majority of your day, if you let it, with all the pottying and walking and lying down and napping next to it’s cuddly-wuddly little self.)  I just haven’t managed to get myself back into any sort of schedule, even a very loose one.  And I think that my routine-loving self has been floundering because of my lack of, well, routine.

So I’m trying to force myself to sit down and do things, even when I don’t want to.  I’m trying to forge ahead with a new routine, and give myself more focus.  I’m trying not to let my lack of focus and short attention span get the better of me.

But it still does, trust me.  Because now I’ve written all I can manage and I’ve got to get up and do something else right the heck now!


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