At least I have these.

I have an ability to never take pictures when I want them most. (It’s a skill, what can I say.)  For instance, I don’t have any pictures of my dad from when he was here visiting. Nor do I have any pictures of another Grandpa (the kids have lots of them due to various marriages and remarriages) from the visit to Maryland. Not one solitary picture of the people we don’t see very often and would love to be able to look at pictures of. Bah! Oh, but I have pictures of my kids. The very same kids I see day in and day out. Wouldn’t you know it.

But they’re cute kids*, so I’ll share.

*I may be biased.

And these pictures are of the kids at the pool, courtesy of my dad, who thought ahead well enough to know that we may one day want to see pictures of the kids at the pool, and brought his camera. Unlike their mother, who has yet to take any pictures of them while they learn to swim. But hey, at least I take them to the pool, right?





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  1. Posted by sara on 07/26/2007 at 8:28 am

    yay!!!! thanks gpa, for the pics!!!! it’s been awhile since we’ve seen them……and you aren’t biased e, they are some good looking kids!!! =)


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