House of Early.

It’s been almost a week since I’ve gotten on the computer and done anything other than check the weather and maybe a few gossip sites.  I haven’t even checked my email, and just like my regular mailbox, the junk mail and bills have accumulated.  Looks like my if you ignore it, it will go away plan isn’t working out as I’d hoped.

Last week was my first week with just my children (no babysitting, no playdates, nothing) and it went by too quickly.  I have a feeling that this whole summer is going to go by much too quickly.  The kids and I have enjoyed our time together, though.  We’ve gone on morning bike rides, browsed our way through many a toy section at the stores, and just generally hung out.  So I’m happy for that.  In fact, it’s all I want to do for the rest of my life.  They don’t need to go to school, and I don’t need to work.  (Oh man, they do, don’t they…man.)

The school work I’ve planned for them – to keep their academic skills from getting too rusty this summer – isn’t going as well as I’d planned.  I bought them notebooks so they can write daily.  Unfortuntely, the daily writing has been broken up with holidays (the 4th) and lazy days (the day after the 4th, and the weekends) so that they have only written three entries.  Eh, at least they’ve done something, right?

Now excuse me while I go eat some breakfast and get my lazy girl out of bed.  After all, it’s a quarter to eight, and we’ve got us some playing to do!

Oh calm down, I’m not actually going to wake her up.  But she is sleeping late, for our house is the house of early.  We wake up at the crack of dawn, usually.  Maybe I should capitalize that:  House of Early.  I can have it made into a plaque to hung over the front door.  And that won’t bring any strange looks at all.


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