Chatty, with food.

Yesterday I wrote a very long description of getting my hair cut.  My husband read it, and asked why I had written such a long post.  After all, it was “just a haircut.”  And I was very taken aback that someone could say “just a haircut” because, to me, it is a very traumatic thing which warrants a very long post.  A post that will let share my trauma with the whole entire world.  Because a haircut is important news…right?  Also, it was very long because I wrote in on Sunday morning, when I had a lot of time.  And a lot of coffee.  Apparently, coffee makes me chatty.  It also makes me have to pee a lot, but that’s another post.  (Oh, yeah, it may very well be another post.  Consider yourself warned.)

(I have not forgotten about my lack of pictures.  I will give you pictures today, even if it kills me.  Or something like that…)

My project today is to go get Fourth of July supplies.  And since we already have a lot of fireworks–the better to annoy our neighbors with–that means I need to go get food to grill.  Because what is Fourth of July without burgers and hot dogs charred on the grill?  Also, I have been instructed to go get potato salad.  Because charred food needs the proper accompaniment, and that means I must have potato salad.  Oh, and baked beans, too.  Want to come over?  I’ll have plenty of store bought goodness for you.  Trust me, the store bought ones will be much better than what I could make.  But if you’d like to bring something with you that you’ve made, that would be even better.  In fact…I’ll provide the ingredients, and you can cook it, okay?  Oh man, you’re not coming now, are you…

Enjoy your Fourth.  I don’t think I’ll be posting tomorrow.  I’ll be busy grilling and playing and doing all sorts of patriotic things. 

(And if you’re our neighbors, I apologize in advance for all the fireworks.  But feel free to wander on over to our house and get yourself some food.  We always have plenty of it.)

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