Today is my last day of work for the summer. 

I’ve avoided talking about it on here because I just didn’t feel like I could say anything I haven’t already said before.  It’s been tough on me, these last few weeks.  Some days were really, really hard.  There were times where I was dangerously close to just saying, “Come pick up your kids.  I quit as of right now.”  But I didn’t.  I worked with the parents, and worked with the one child, and worked and worked and worked.  I told my children to just hang on–The Boy in particular, because some days he just doesn’t get along with one of the children I babysit–until the end of June, then they would be able to just relax and enjoy their summer.  I’m glad that I didn’t put my foot down and insist I was done when I was having a rash of no good, very bad days, because I didn’t end everything on a bad note.  Today is the last day, and I hope it’s a good one.

(You know I’ve totally jinxed it now, right?  I’m going to end up having the worst day ever because I said I hope today’s a good day.  Or maybe I’ve jinxed it the other way, and because I’ve said I’ll have the worst day ever, it’ll be the best.  Hmmm.)


On a totally different subject, I took a big ol’ drink of my coffee this morning, and got a fly in my mouth.  A fly!  In my coffee!  And while I was desperately trying to scrape out my mouth with a napkin, The Boy went over to take a look at the fly that I just spit out right there on the table, and started to gag.  And then he was all grossed out and I had to try and keep him from puking.  And I was all grossed out and trying to keep from puking myself.  Ugh!

I still feel unclean, even after brushing my teeth and rinsing with Listerine.  Darn fly…


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by sara on 06/29/2007 at 8:13 am

    i hope the rest of your summer is super fun and RELAXED!!!! have a great day today!!!

    and the fly in the coffee……hee hee!!!


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