I got an email from my father not too long ago saying that he didn’t think, for various reasons, that he’d be coming to visit this summer.  Instead, we’d do a great big vacation together in a couple of years or so.  Well, I didn’t like the sound of that because it has been one whole year (!) since we’ve seen him, and that’s just too long.  (But the big vacation still sounds like a good idea, so no cancelling that, okay?)  So in response to the email, we sent him plane tickets to visit us.  Now he has no choice.

He’ll be here in just over two weeks.  And I got so excited that I started planning all kinds of “outings” to do with him. Then I had to back off and realize that it may be better for everyone involved if I didn’t plan outings that made the kids hot, tired, and cranky while he’s here.  It may make his visit not-so-fun.  It’s just a thought.

(But, Dad, you may want to pack your hot weather clothing, and an extra dose of patience, just in case.)

(And pack something warm for inside the house.  Remember, you are coming to our house.  The house where, if you leave a glass of water on the counter overnight, you will have ice in the morning.  And our air conditioning frequently chases our guests outside into the 90 degree heat so they can stop shivering.  Oh, and you may want ear plugs, because, you know, the kids are LOUD.  And hope you like the guineas.  Oh, you’re going to have so much fun!)


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