Dreaming of cooler days.

If I had my choice of anywhere in the world to live, I’m not sure where I’d choose, but I do know it would be someplace that never got too hot in the summer.  (IE: not here.)  It would be someplace mild, yet with definite seasons.  Going back to northern England sounds good, although I’m sure that there are several other amazing places to choose from.  I’m also sure that I’d have to travel extensively to check out all those amazing places.  I’ll just skip the deserts and the polar areas, though.  I’m pretty sure I don’t want to live in either of those areas.

What I do want is a place where I can get into my car without feeling like I’ve sat down in an oven, a place where I can run errands and emerge from my car without sweat dripping down my hairline and the ass of my pants sagging.  (Does that happen to you?  The sagging pants?  Don’t you just hate that?  And the only solution I can think of is to buy pants that are so tight you can barely breathe so that when they sag, they loosen up enough to fit.  However, I’m not willing to suffer the tight.  But I digress…)  I want a place where the sun shines and warms the day, yet the air gets cool enough to need a sweater in the evening.  I want a place that has snow (!) in the winter and crisp fall mornings.  Mostly, I want a place that is a lot unlike here.

But because this place has so many other things going for it — like B’s job and other important things like our livelihood — we’re staying here.  But just for the record, I hate the weather here.  I hate the high heat and humidity.  Bah!


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