My son and I are not funny people.  Well, maybe that’s being a little harsh, but we certainly don’t hold a candle to my husband and my daughter.  Those two just have funny in their bones.  It is a quality that they were just born with–one that they don’t turn off or on, but just have.  My son and I don’t have that quality.

B and my girl can tell a joke.  Their excitement to share something funny with the rest of us results in a joke (or story) telling that they can barely get out of their mouths what with all the laughter.  They can be so amused by something that the laughter just takes hold of their bodies until tears leak out of their eyes and their stomachs ache with the exertion.  And you are left laughing right along with them, even though you may or may not have heard a word they said around all their snickers and guffaws; it is truly contagious.  And the girl can strike a pose or make a face that will make you smile, even when what you wanted to do beforehand was wring her neck.


My son and I cannot tell a joke.  We are the thinkers in the family, overanalyzing everything, and therefore our jokes begin with a big set-up and much more information than is necessary.  We take the funny right out of it.  Our talent lies more in the quiet comment, the kind that can evoke a chuckle, sometimes when you least expect it.  My son can say something in such a deadpan way that sometimes you have to turn to look at him to see the corner of his mouth turn upward before you realize he’s said something funny.  And, boy, when he does come out with something funny, it is usually darned hilarious.


But jokes, well, we’ll leave those to the qualified professionals.


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  1. Posted by sara on 06/14/2007 at 8:39 am

    you are right, some people are just BORN with it!!!…….and man, e, you would have to be a comedian to keep up with the 2 in your house!!! =) nice to know you will always have someone around who can make you smile!!!!


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