You’ve been defeated.

Yesterday, the first full day of summer vacation for the kids, started off with a bang.  We played outside (thank goodness for cloudy, cooler days!) and took a walk, and played some more.  But then the day started to fizzle out as soon as my son started to throw up.   And then he threw up again, slept, and woke to throw up even more.  I ended up washing so many sets of sheets and blankets that I ran out of laundry detergent and had to have B leave work about 20 minutes early so he could buy me some more.  Thank goodness the boy is feeling better today.  I don’t think the washing machine could take another day of it all.

Oh, but we’re not without some sort of drama today.  My daughter has a neck-ache, and according to her, it is so painful she can’t even sit up.  Or lie down.  Or take a shower.  Or take some Motrin.  It is, in fact, so painful that she can’t even live.  (Insert little girl wailing here.)  However, she seems to be feeling better, because she’s now playing duel cards with the boys.  Hmmm, evidently, that was the one remedy we didn’t try.  When neck-aches strike heating pads, hot showers, and Motrin are useless.  Instead, try a game of duel cards.  Works like a charm.

Now excuse me while I go get my set of cards, and whip little kid butt at a game of duel cards.  Of course, since it’s a game they really don’t know how to play, it’s not too hard to tell them that my cards beats theirs by 20 bazillion points. 

Mommy is the duel master.


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