Rough mornings abounded today. 

(I have been accused of being too empathetic to people; of putting myself into their shoes too much.  I have a tendency to see what other’s are going through, and by feeling their hardship, I want to help them.  Sometimes my helping leads to my detriment.)

I encountered something today that had me wondering what my next step should be.  I knew that if I said I could not handle it on my own, it would be very hard for somone else to handle, given their situation.  I knew that it would place them in a tough situation.  But then I weighed the fact that it placed me in a bad situation, and decided that I would look out for myself today.  I would have to place this hardship on someone else’s shoulders.  (Besides, this really should be their hardship anyway.)

But I also felt like I was defeated; like I was failing at something I should be able to do.  I’m sitting here now telling myself that I am not failing, it is a situation that, no matter how well equipped I am, I cannot handle on my own.  And I will not let it ruin my day anymore.  I have other responsibilities that should take precedence, and I will give them top billing (finally.)

Sometimes, though, do you ever feel like you should be able to fix things, whether or not you really can?  And does it ever tug on you, emotionally?

Rough mornings, indeed.


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