Pictures (finally!)

While the hotel we stayed at had many a beautiful thing (seven or more restaurants, two pools, waterfalls, fountains, ballrooms, statues, bellhops in nice white uniforms…,) they did not have a battery for my camera. So I don’t have any pictures of it. (Which, by the way, may be a good thing. I think I would have embarrassed myself by taking pictures of all those things while exclaiming, “Look! Wow! I’ve never been anywhere this fancy, y’all!”) But I do, however, have pictures of the zoo because we had to go eat at a McDonald’s for breakfast – $7.95 for a bagel and juice at the hotel(!) – and there was a Walmart across the street from the McD’s. Walmart kicks all kinds of hotel ass when it comes to camera batteries.
Here’s the girl being a bear(?):
And the boy being a bear(?) also. A very surprised bear:
Now they are spiders:
See how spidery they look?
Here’s the boy on the carousel:
And the girl, who couldn’t take her eyes off of herself:
There we are in the butterfly chair. Don’t we look pleased? Excited?
The boy and the girl:
Again, boy and girl:
And here I am looking haggard:
And again with the haggard:
This is where we tried to lose them in the minotaur maze, but they found their way out:
They also built a tee-pee. Well, she did. He just aimed the sticks at people:


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