Lovin’ the links.

My friend Sara suggested that I do a post with links to some pretty things because my birthday is next month – May 23, if you must know – and she would like an idea of what to get for me. I thought that was a great idea. Not because I’m trolling for birthday gifts (necessarily,) but more because I’ve been doing some online window-shopping and found some things I’d like to share.

But when I started figuring out what links to put here, I began to have a hard time choosing. I was thinking about how much money some of the things were and hoping no one would think I wanted them to spend outrageous amounts on me. So then I took a deep breath and just decided I would write a disclaimer. So here it is: These are things I think are pretty. Please do not think I want expensive gifts for my birthday. There, I feel better. Now on to the goodies…

These earrings from Sulu are very pretty. I love the shapes. And I love the colors in these.

I’m not sure if me being half Japanese is the reason behind why I am drawn to these necklaces from ishdesigns or not. I guess it doesn’t really matter because drawn to them I am. I also think it’s cool that they’re made from Kimono fabrics.

How I stumbled upon this necklace, I am not really sure. I don’t usually check out the Signals website. But I think it’s pretty.

Here’s a necklace that would look great with t-shirts. This from Shop Doxie (Miss Doxie’s store) is awfully cute. I like it in songbird. And it’s not overpriced, which is always good.

These key fobs at Lindsay Designs are too cute. All of them. Now, I don’t really have a need for key fobs, but I just couldn’t help but show them to you. Because maybe you need a key fob (or two) and you never knew where to find them. So there you are. Key fobs found.

This is a pretty necklace from suchprettycolors. Isn’t it pretty? I think it would look nice on a ribbon. Or maybe a simple cord. Pretty. Oh, and this, too. Pretty!

The colors in these earrings at Zanisa are right up my alley. They would compliment my skin tone, and my eyes, and my hair color. In fact, these earrings would match me and most of my wardrobe. But I do think they’re a little too expensive for me. Because I’m cheap. But if you have coloring like mine, you should get them. They’d look so nice on you. There’s also a matching necklace. It, too, is oh so pretty.

I like both of these necklaces at Uncommon Goods. I’ve tried and tried to figure out which one I like better, but I just can’t decide. Maybe the blue…?

I am a sucker for sentimental thing like these at Red Envelope. I can just imagine my daughter and I walking around in those necklaces. But what I can’t imagine is spending that kind of money on them, so they’ll remain in my imaginary world for now. (My imaginary world is so full of things. Pretty, pretty things. Like Paul Walker.)

And last but not least, this bracelet. I think I’ve linked to this once before, but it’s worth repeating. It’s gorgeous. Oh heck, I’d like just about one of everything at Red Envelope, please.

So now that I’ve shown you some of what I like, is there anything you’ve* been eyeing lately?

(And by YOU, I mean you, Sara, because your birthday is right after mine and I need ideas too.)


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