New fish.

We had promised my son a pair of Heelys and my daughter a fish. Well, he got a pair given to him, and so we set out to get her a fish at the pet store on Sunday. Here are pictures:

Wait, that’s not a fish tank!

Is that some sort of rodent in there?

Yes, yes it is! It’s a guinea pig. And her name is Daisy. Daisy is timid and spends most of her time in her igloo. (What, you didn’t know guinea pigs lived in igloos?)

And because Daisy is so timid and lonely, we went a bought her a friend. Can you see her in there? She’s black and white and about twice the size of Daisy. (Sorry about that Daisy.) Her name is Daffy.

Say hello to Daisy and Daffy. What, you can’t see them? No, neither can I. For, lo and behold, we now have two guinea pigs that are timid and spend all of their time in their igloo.


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