You can’t escape your destiny.

Well, it seems to be our destiny to be sick around here. At least, it’s the kids destiny. (Although, I’m usually not far behind them.)

Friday night my little girl started throwing up. In her bed. And she continued to throw up in her bed all night long until I ran out of clean sheets and blankets to put on the bed. Then I moved her downstairs – at around 4 AM – so she could continue to sleep, throw up, sleep throw up, ad infinitum. I was worried about her being sick from the whole peanut butter incident. (See: previous post.) I was worried she had come down with salmonella. But then…

My son started throwing up Saturday evening, and he doesn’t go anywhere near peanut butter. So I knew it was just a virus. However, it was a particularly nasty virus. And there was a lot of puke.

But as of Sunday evening, everyone was holding down food and looking better. Phew, I thought, I’m home free. Well, home free as long as I don’t get sick. Then this morning – never think you’re home free, it’ll curse you even to think it – I looked at my daughter’s eye and noticed it was a little pink. So off to the doctor we went. And guess what? She’s got pink eye! Oh boy…

All I can say is, stay very far away from us. Very far. We’ll be contagious until the middle of the week, I’m sure.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by sara on 02/20/2007 at 11:44 pm

    your are all your sickies today??? better, i hope!!!


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