I’m mean, but my floor is clean.

Well look-ey here, I have a BLOG! And I haven’t written anything! I’m nothing if not consistent, right? (Hee hee, I crack myself up.) (But not you, you didn’t even smile. At least give me a little patronizing laugh. Please?)

So…how have you been? I’ve been not busy but busy at the same time. (Oh, I now that doesn’t make sense, but bear with me.) I’ve dealt with kids who had a little bit of not feeling well, and also a lotta bit of diarrhea. I’ve had my son home from school and lots of errands to run. I’ve also bought a new vacuum. (Hold your excitement please. I’ll tell you about that later.) But first I know I have to tell you about the coat so you don’t throw a hissy fit. Because I know y’all are waiting with bated breath to find out if I bought her one, right?

I didn’t. (I know, mean mom, mean mom!) And it’s not because I have a mean, black heart (although I totally do,) it’s because we didn’t go to any stores looking for coats. If she had fallen in love with one, I would have bought it for her. But we were too busy going to my son’s belt testing (he’s now a white belt with black stripe – High White! Go big stuff!) and going to a birthday party for my daughter’s classmate. Then Sunday was spent Playing, with a capital P. We did, however, go shoe shopping for my daughter. She came home one day and had miraculously grown two shoe sizes. She actually came home limping with cuts on her heels and cramped toes. We managed to find her a pair of tennis shoes (athletic shoes? Cross trainers? What are they called now-a-days?) but we didn’t find anything else for her. It’s hard to find shoes in a 13WW. And did you know that her feet are thismuch away from being the same size as mine? Did I mention she’s 5? As my dad says, Look at the paws on that puppy; she’s going to be a biggun‘. So if you see any black mary janes (not patent, please) in a size 13 WW, or even a size 13 W because they might fit, let me know. And anyone want a pair of Skechers pink cowboy boots, fairly good condition, in a size 12?

Annnd, on Monday I went and bought myself a new vacuum cleaner! I was sick of the jet-engine roar the old one made. The old one left my ears ringing after I finished vacuuming. So off to the store I went. I had already researched several options online (I’m a dork, I know!) and knew what I didn’t want, so I figured I would just see if there was anything else left. And there was. But I didn’t want to spend $300. So I just bought one that looked neat and was $55, research be damned. And when I got home I assembled it and vacuumed right away. (Who can resist playing with a new toy as soon as you get home?) I bought one of those bagless ones. Which, I thought I really didn’t give a fig about bagless, but I bought one anyway because that seems to be the new direction all the cleaners are going in. And I want to be trendy whilst I vacuum. But there is a good side to the bagless – I can see all the dirt. I can see it working! And I was officially flabbergasted at the dirt and dust that came up from just the living room carpet. This is a floor that we don’t even wear shoes on, and it was filthy. We were living in filth! So today I’m wheeling the old vacuum cleaner out to the curb for trash pickup. And I’m hoping they’ll actually pick it up. Or maybe someone else will wander by and want an old Dirt Devil that has a roar like a jet engine. Maybe they like their ears to ring.

And of course I couldn’t write today and not say Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s not really a big holiday around here, but more a good excuse to eat lots of chocolate and go out to dinner. We just gave the kids cards and gift cards to Target. And the kids were all about figuring out what to buy for themselves. But unfortunately, they have mean-ass parents and only got gift cards for a little teeny tiny bit of money, and now they cannot buy the Nintendo DS and the whole new wardrobe (including shoes) they were planning on. (Mean-ass parents!)

So have a happy day. We love you! I love you! Somebody loves you! Yippee!


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  1. Posted by sara on 02/14/2007 at 1:44 pm

    we love you guys too!!!! and i happen to know someone who loves both boots and pink!!! busy day today with the valentine’s day party, so i’ll email you later!!!! LOVEYA!!!!!!!!


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