Hello, conundrum. Meet your new best friend.

If you’ve been reading here a while, you know that I babysit kids for a living. Two of them. A three year old and a one year old. And I’ve had a few problems along the way. One of those problems is the behavior of the oldest child. And wouldn’t you know, I’m having trouble again.

This boy is so very intelligent, so very nice, and so very wonderful when he’s on his own. Unfortunately, when you mix in other children, he doesn’t get the undivided attention he craves and he misbehaves. Which, really, every child suffers from that occasionally. This child, however, goes overboard. And I’ll leave it at that because, hi there, Internet! I tell you way more than I should!

Sometimes I feel like I’m not providing what this child needs. I’m not mistreating him in any way. But I don’t seem to be getting through to him after a year of caring for him. We’re still having the same issues, over and over again. So I wonder if it would be best if they found someone else to care for this little boy. I wonder if it would be best for both him and me. Because there are times when I’m considering that what I do for him is above and beyond what I should do as a mere babysitter. How much am I supposed to deal with without having signed up to care for a special needs child? And after a year, when do we say this isn’t working?

Oh, but after a year, these children are special to me. I care for them. I love it when they laugh and play and cuddle and grin. We have some wonderful moments, this boy and I, and I don’t want to throw in the towel on him. I don’t want to abandon him.

But the other kids are starting to dread the bad times. And I need to take them into consideration too.

Hello, conundrum.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by sara on 01/23/2007 at 5:23 pm

    i don’t know the exact behavior you are talking about, but reading what you wrote, it sounds exactly like my son. i always say that davey would be the PERFECT only child. the problems come out when there are other kids around!!! should try to find something that he is interested in and let him do it (almost) exclusively. for my son it’s video games…..he focuses and calms down and isn’t such a shit!!! i know your charge is only 3, but maybe special markers and coloring book that are only his???

    on another note, my friend kristie (from middle school) has a little girl who has eczema and is open to suggestions for relief, and reading her post i thought you might have some suggestions for her? there is a link to her blog on my page


  2. Posted by Emmie on 01/24/2007 at 11:58 am

    well this a problem with child behavior only, which becomes all right when they grow up a bit…. but good to know how much u care for the children…. u are doing a very nice job… i liked your blog pretty much… i would surely love to visit again…. well u can too drop by My Blog sometimes too… hope u will find it interesting…!!!


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