Friday night and all is well, kinda.

I seem to be saying ‘I’m sorry for not posting’ a lot lately. Because I feel some sort of obligation to post daily. It’s like if I don’t post some sort of daily diatribe or maybe even a small piece of wit or wisdom, you will never ever come back here again. Like reading what comes from the depths of my brain is important to you. And to spare my ego, let’s pretend that it is. So on that note, I’m sorry for not providing you with daily content.

I’ve been very busy with things lately. Things being various household happenings (see: Under Construction from whatever day it was this week that I posted that) and also various mind wanderings. Oh, I’ve managed to do some important things, like do a rough draft of my tax returns (what, don’t you do a rough draft?) that went from us owing a whole heck of a lot (which heelloo, heart attack!) to us managing to get back a mere, um, pittance I guess I could call it. But pittance or no, I sure am glad that I don’t have to try and arrange some sort of payment plan with the IRS. That right there would have resulted in me having to sell one (or both) of the children.

However, I am in the throes of wanting to sell one of my children anyway. The girl one, to be specific. Because she’s – how do I put this delicately – batsh*t crazy. She’s emotional and needy and whiny and high maintenance. And loud – very, very loud. In short, she’ll make one heck of a wife one day. I just hope the highly patient (I hope) gentleman who takes her off of our hands does not come back to us looking for some sort of reparation for what he’s gone through. Buyer beware, is all I’m saying.

(Oh, hush. I love her. I really do. She’s an angel who gives me great joy and makes me smile every day. )

(Also, she makes me twitch and stutter.)

So forgive me for not being able to put a coherent sentence together. (Eh, who am I kidding. I wasn’t able to do that before.)

Happy weekend.


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