Did somebody say ‘pictures’?

The cookies, they are for Santa! They are all for Santa! And the kids, they are excited!

The boy and his loot.

The girl and her loot.

And no, he didn’t fall asleep here (because he was up at 2:00 AM checking to see if Santa had come,) he just looks like he did.

That, my friends, is a Hot Wheels Radar Gun. Now he’ll know if you’re speeding down our street. (You may also be able to find me outside playing with it, because that’s one cool toy.)
Hot Wheels, Beat That.
A study in concentration.

That crazed look in her eyes is from the unbelievable high provided by lots and lots of Littlest Pet Shop animals.
Eh, an ornament.

Yeah – eh, an ornament.

Easy Bake, baby! That’s her first cake. It was hard as a rock and the frosting looked like, um, looked like nothing like frosting. But we ate it. And I made all the right mmmmm noises.

The kids were overwhelmed by Christmas, as always. They received a lot of presents, and were, overall, very pleased with what they got. I think Santa would be better off not going with the misguided notion that the boy needs less video game time and stop trying to get him toys that are not video games, already. Because the boy is happy with video games. Santa just needs to deal, and it would save Santa a ton of money on toys that he doesn’t like as much as he likes his video games. Just a small hint for Santa.
But this, people, is one happy boy.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by sara on 12/31/2006 at 8:33 pm

    great pics…..those look like two happy kids!!!

    i’m not so impressed with the easy bake oven myself. and did someone say lightbulb?? all davey asked santa for was a creepy crawler oven. which he got. lightbulb NOT included. it was worth the wait tho……if you could get past the stench, it makes cool little rubber bugs!!!

    i’m off to feed the kids and attempt to upload some pics to my page……hope you are still having a great christmas break!!!!


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