My son’s progress report came home the other day. He’s doing well, but needs to improve his “reading strategies” and also “get more help at home.”

I’m not going to lie to you, that last one really upset me. Especially since it came the day after I spent an hour with him helping him do his homework, and then even more time helping him practice writing neater. I mean, shit, how much more time can I spend with a 7 year old? Especially a 7 year old who has the attention span of a gnat. (Do gnats have short attention spans? I’m just assuming that they do indeed.)

And then I thought, does she think I’m not helping him at home? Does she think he just sits down to do all of that homework all by himself? Does she think we don’t want him to do well?

Now before you get the idea that I do not like this teacher, let me tell you that I do. I like her very much. She is enthusiastc and patient. She gives my son the attention he needs, yet still leaves him to do things for himself. She’s made math not such an enigma for him, and recognized that he’s a child who needs his routine in order to function. She’s also nice. But I was still upset with her (and at her.)

So I emailed her and asked specifically what more she would like me to help him with at home. And I got a non-specific answer. Which kind of irked me. Because now I’m feeling like she thinks I don’t help him enough at home, and I am also not smart enough to know what to do to help him (should I actually decide to offer him help.)

Overreact much? Maybe I do. Just a little.

(I do not envy the position of a teacher trying to deal with parent’s pride and feelings. Just saying.)

Also, I do not know what the heck “reading strategies” are for a 7 year old. So maybe I’m not smart enough to help him.


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