Health insurance has not been my friend.*

I wrote a post for you on Monday that was all about yet another round with my health insurance company but I did not post it because I am either very lazy, or very busy. I’ll let you determine which one it was. Also, I did not post yesterday for the same reason. But here it is, a post written two days ago:

Hi there!

How are you?

I am writing this whilst on hold with my health insurance company. And, amazingly, I am not having fun.

So far, the recorded voice that periodically comes on between the music has advised me on how to remember to take my medication daily. (Get pill holders with separate compartments for each day of the week.) Also, I’ve learned how to quit smoking. (I do not smoke, but if I did I now have helpful hints on how to stop.) And I’ve heard music. Bad music. Fun!

Once the music cut off again for yet another round of ‘helpful hints’, I was informed that I should help my children stay healthy during cold and flu season. (Who knew! I was trying to keep them ill. Silly me.) Then, oh then, the operator came on the line and it took me a minute to realize that it was an actual human being speaking.

Operator: “Thank you for calling Blue Cross and Blue Shield. My name is Heather, last initial J. May I have your name?”

Me: […]

Operator: “Hello?”

Me: “Oh….sorry”

SO I found out that my health insurance company (Hello! I do not like you! But please continue to pay for our doctors visits and prescriptions, and please do not cancel yourself again! Thanks!) is screening all of my doctors fees from my bought with kidney stones for pre-existing conditions. Because there is a pre-existing clause in my policy, and they may be able to get out of paying it if they find sufficient cause. I’m just hoping they do not list having a kidney as a pre-existing condition. Because then I’m totally screwed. Also, I found out that my son’s allergy medication will be expensive, no matter how much I try to talk them into paying for it.

Did I mention how much fun this is? To be not covered, cancelled and otherwise told to ‘shove it’ by your health insurance company? Yeah. You wish you were me, don’t you.

*I’m done now. I won’t talk about this anymore because I’m taking a deep breath and moving on from it all. And everyone’s taking vitamins and walking around in full padding and helmets because we must stay healthy!


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