What’s happened during your day?

My day so far…

  • We left the van door open last night. All night. And not only was there frost on the outside of the glass, but also on the inside. And a weird smell. I’m thankful that we live in a fairly safe neighborhood and that the van was still out there and in one piece when we woke up. But I’m not thankful for whatever it was that deposited that weird smell inside my van.
  • I seemed to have lost one baby shoe, brown, size 12 months. He had it on when we went to drop the kids off at school, but I don’t know for sure if he had it on when we came back into the house. All I know is that when I put him into the highchair for breakfast, he only had one shoe on.
  • My friends Sara emailed me and told me to check Ebay for that Star Wars ship we didn’t get last Christmas. And she was very nice in that she refrained from going, “Duh” in her email. Because, duh, who doesn’t check Ebay for these kinds of things? But she did include a nice link to a specific auction, lest, duh, I can’t find my way around Ebay.*
  • I have forgotten to eat. Anything. And now I’m chewing on my own lip and wondering if Chapstick has any nutritional value whatsoever.

So… I’m off to scrounge for food in the kitchen. And I’m going to try to gather my wits and proceed on with my day in a calm manner. (I just love saying ‘gather my wits’, although I’m not even sure if I can use it correctly in a sentence. But you don’t really care, right?)

*Nah, Sara would never say “duh” to me. And I don’t really think she thinks I’m stupid. She just knows that temporary lapses of rational thought go along with the whole having kids thing.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by sara on 11/28/2006 at 7:49 pm

    i would NEVER “duh” you ~ and i definitly don’t think you are stupid!!! 😉

    i’m not a great ebay-er by any means. the whole thing makes me nervous really, but i went there to find davey some super mario brothers items for christmas!!!

    oh, and i’m just now making myself something to eat for the first time today as well……


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