Busy, busy, busy (but eating well.)

It’s a good thing you all are out there reading this from the safety of your own houses, because I am out of breath and breaking a sweat. So, you know, you are spared the huffing and puffing. And also maybe the smell.

Am I exercising? Good God, no! I’m just worn out from all the running around I’m doing.

Today was the first day of Preschool for the 3 year old I babysit. So I got my own kids ready for school, dropped them off, drove back home, quickly fed the baby his breakfast, packed my two charges back into the car, drove to the preschool, dropped off the 3 year old (which, good luck to you, preschool teachers. You will need it.) and then took the baby grocery shopping, came back home, unloaded the car, got a snack for the baby, put away the groceries, made myself some jalapeno cream cheese poppers (because I deserve it,) washed the sheets my son accidentally wet last night (for he finally fell into a deep sleep without his allergies bothering him) and now I’m here on the computer.

Phew. Even typing it wears me out.

And I’ve got exactly 30 minutes until it all starts over again. Make that 20 minutes. Yikes.

So if you don’t hear from me, do not worry. I am not dead. I may, however, be passed out on the floor letting the children crawl all over me and draw on my face with markers. Wish me luck.


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