Mission (not really) accomplished.

I have pictures! Of my little boy in his tae kwon do uniform! And I want to post them! But I can’t. Because they are still not uploaded. And Blogger won’t let me post them. Because Blogger is a bitch, if you must know. Blogger is very temperamental and moody. Blogger is just plain pissy about these things (these things being posting pictures.)

Yeah Blogger, I’m talking about you – whatcha going to do about it, huh?

(Please don’t do anything bad, Blogger, because the whole not posting pictures thing is bad enough, if you did something even worse, like not let me post anything, I might just lose my marbles. So I’m sorry for calling you a bitch, okay? Can we just be friends now? Please?)

So, aaaanyway, back to Tae Kwon Do. We went again last night. And my son enjoys himself so much. He’s starting to get the whole kick thing down too. And the Hiyaa! sound too. He’s still going to have to work on his jumping jacks though. When they do some to warm up, he gets the whole hands up, feet apart thing mixed up. His hands go up and his feet go together. Then he tries to get the feet and hands to match up and he ends up concentrating on his feet so much he forgets to move his hands, and then he jumps wrong all over again. It’s like an endless cycle of mixed up jumping jacks. And it’s kind of painful to watch, honestly. But then I looked over at another little boy last night, this one in a green belt, and saw that his jumping jacks resembled an injured bird trying to take flight (his arms were flapping ferocioulsy,) and I figured that maybe my son was doing okay. And I keep reminding myself that even though I pay enough money a month that the boy should be a black belt, all that really matters is that he’s enjoying himself and feeling good about the whole thing. To which I can say, mission accomplished. (George Bush style – only he’d be wearing a Tae Kwon Do uniform and standing under a Korean flag.) (Oh, yikes, maybe not.)

So I’ll continue to periodically try to post some pictures of the boy – until then… have a good one.


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