Running around like a chicken… with it’s head… well, you know.

You know how things can go from boring and easy to hectic and hard in an instant? Well, that’s where I’m at now, the hectic and hard part. My week of vacation has made it so hard to get back into the routine. Add dance and tae kwon do classes into the mix, and it just seems like things are on a nonstop route to what the hell am I doing?

Yesterday we took my daughter to her first dance class. We being me, my son, and the two kids I babysit. It’s hard to get yourself organized when all the kids are 6 and under. But somehow, I managed. And I’m quite proud of myself for doing so. I even survived the long walk up and down steps and through the gymnasium floor to get to the bathroom for the little kids – 3 times. I was sweating by the end of it (do you know how heavy a 25 pound baby becomes after carrying him for about an hour nonstop?) but I did manage to make it out alive.

My daughter enjoyed herself, and she looked so cute up there. She especially enjoyed the tap dancing portion, which, I mean, can you blame her? Any little girl would love to strap on those shiny black shoes and make all those little tap noises. I’ll try and get pictures next time…

So I survived my extremely long and busy day yesterday, but when I got home, I just wanted to collapse into a heap and snore my way into the next day. That’s not what happened, mind you, but it’s what I wanted to do. No, when we got home the lovely tasks of feeding the children and doing homework (which, WTF is up with a first grader having spelling homework, and 2 sheets of math homework, and 2 books to read all in one night?) and getting everyone clean and into bed early because we’re all still sick with this cold-to-beat-all-colds awaited me. Thankfully I had my husband here to help. Without him, I would be dead, and writing this from the grave. Which, really, would be quite a task in and of itself.

Anyway, did I have a point? I’m not really sure anymore. Just know that I’m tired and already wishing it was a weekend so I can rest. (We got invited to do something this Sunday, but I said we had plans. Yeah, plans to sit around in our PJ’s and watch TV all day!)


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  1. Posted by sara on 09/19/2006 at 4:10 pm

    we are so alike it’s scary!!!!!!!!


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