Yellow means walk.

Our children’s school uses a color-based system for behavior. As in, you start out the day on green, any trouble will put you on yellow, and if you are particularly deviant, you are placed on red. We strive for green cards around here. (But we do not always get them.)

My daughter: “Mommy, I got a green card today.”

Me: “Good. I’m proud. Did anyone get a yellow card today?” (The second day of kindergarten)

Daughter: “Yes. Three people.”

Me: “Really?!? On their second day of kindergarten?”

Daughter: “Mm-hmm. And if you get a yellow card, you have to walk laps.”

My son: “Yep. You have to walk 5 laps around the playground when you are on yellow.”

My husband: “Well then son, you must have walked a lot of laps last year.”

Son: “Oh yeah.”


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