The influence of planets.

The planets must be out of alignment today. That’s the only reason I can think of for all of the kids here today to be this whiney.

The three year old I babysit has just started to wear underwear during the day. And he’s been doing wonderfully. But today… today he pooped in his pants. And then he peed in his pants. And I’m remembering how much I hated cleaning poop out of children’s underwear. (Lucky me, I just flush what I can and then put the soiled clothes into a plastic bag for his parents. Not so lucky for his parents.)

The soon-to-be one year old I babysit has discovered that the best way to rid his highchair tray of food is to throw it overboard. Sometimes he just lets the little pieces of food drop over the side. Sometimes he practices his fastball, and pitches the food across the room. And I’m remembering how much I loved having a dog around to clean up the floor. (Too bad the dog isn’t here anymore.)

My son speaks in a constant whine. And if I didn’t know any better I’d say he has a hearing problem because he speaks so loudly and ignores me. But I know better. He’s just a loud boy.

My daughter is a know-it-all today. And, really, that’s not unlike most days. Except for today she’s an extra-annoying know-it-all. (That particular breed of know-it-all makes semi-regular appearances around here.)

And, well, it seems that I’m whiney today too.

Must be the planets.


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