Carpet lint and espresso.

Last night I had another bought with my 2 am insomnia. I get it now and then. I wake up in the middle of the night, and can’t fall back asleep no matter what I do. And then, if I do finally manage to get back to sleep, it’s always about an hour before the alarm goes off, which just royally pisses me off.

So in honor of my lack of focus and sleepiness, here are just a few random observations:

  • The same baby who turns his nose up at chicken vegetable dinner will savor carpet lint like it is a delicacy. You will have to pry it out of his mouth while he screams and kicks and frantically turns his head back and forth so he can thwart your efforts to remove the precious carpet lint from his mouth.
  • The little girl who is an angel all morning will go and whisper instructions to the 3 year old on how to torture her brother by repeatedly yelling his name in a shriller than shrill voice, thus ending her morning of being an angel.
  • The fact that you are trying to cut back on caffeine will make you desire a double shot of espresso even more that you ever thought possible.
  • The fact that you are trying to eat healthier will make you desire double chocolate brownies even more than the espresso.
  • The rain outside will force you to have to find things to entertain 4 children who never want to do the same thing at once – and you will work your ass off. Darn rain. What, exactly, are the odds that one of them will get hit by lightening if I put them out in the rain to play? Not that I want them to get hit, mind you, but just that I’m trying to weigh the pros and cons of kicking them out of the house for a while.

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