Happy and Hungry.

After yesterday’s post, I thought I should lighten things up a bit. I feel like I should clarify, lest you all think I am a shell of a woman huddled in a corner weeping silently. Because I’m not! (Not lately, anyway.) (Ha! I jest.)

Sometimes, I get it in my mind that I need to vent. So I vent a little. Then all’s well. Because I vented, and I no longer have to think about it. That’s how I work. I do not dwell, nor do I even brood (much.) I’m the type of gal who feels unhappy for a minute, when all is crazy around me, then I get distracted by something shiny or pretty (or my personal favorite, clean) and I’m happy again.

So fear not my good internet friends – I am not going to lock the kids in a closet and throw away the key just so I can be alone for a little bit. Nah, I’m just going to drink my coffee, and then we’re going to paint. And do something with that egg carton I saved for the sole purpose of doing something craft-y with. Maybe, also, we’ll go outside before the crushing heat and humidity kills us all.

Oh, and I think I’ll eat breakfast. Because the baby is starting to look all yummy and delicious to me with his chubby little legs and puffy little cheeks… marinated in a little garlic and oil… mmmm… hmmm? What? What was I saying? Oh yeah, I better go eat.


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