It would have been more fun had the bottles contained ketchup and mustard.

I decided it would be fun to take the kids outside and let them go wild with water, water guns, and squeeze bottles. Yeah, squeeze bottles. (We’re fancy around here.) Here’s my son, armed and dangerous:

(The water shoes he has on are 2 sizes too big, can you tell?)

And then his sister armed herself too:

(And while she was squirting her shoe, he got her good!)

Then she got smart, and grabbed a container that allowed her to throw a whole lot of water at her brother:

(She got him right in the face!)

Then he got smart, and grabbed the SUPERSOAKER:

(Not pictured: the 3 year old I babysit (’cause he’s not mine, ya’ll, and I can’t show his picture here!) who also had a grand old time with the water and ended up thoughroughly soaked. And his little brother, the 10 month old, who played in the exersaucer and laughed hysterically whenever anyone got splashed.)


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