Thankful it’s not the end of the world, but wishing I could go back to bed.

Let me just say: when it rains, it pours.

Bad things have happened. Not bad things as in, someone in our family was mortally wounded and we lost our home to spontaneous combustion, but more like, this sh*t is making me angry and I’m in a bad mood!

Let me share.

My son threw up again yesterday. All over the cafeteria. Because it was the day my husband was scheduled to make his class presentation, and my son’s nervous stomach got the best of him. So he had to go home (school policy when they throw up) and my husband has abandoned the idea of talking to the class. And my son feels bad about it, because he really was excited about his dad being there. But we just can’t do another day of throwing up in the cafeteria. And I think the school janitor will thank us for that decision.

Last night we went to the gym. With plans to go to the pool afterwards. So we brought half of our belongings with us in a gym bag. My husband was meeting us there straight from work, so we had to have his workout clothes, shoes, my swimsuit, shoes, etc, etc. And of course the sunscreen and towels. Well, the gym has gotten new equipment. And that equipment totally sucks. They have replaced my beloved elliptical machines with new ones that hurt my knees. And while trying to adjust one of the other new machines, I squished my thumb. Painfully. Then, oh my gosh people, then, my husband came out of the locker room with his wallet, and it was empty. Yep. We’re victims of petty theft.

But we go on to the pool anyway, because, heck, we were already there and the kids were promised a swim. My daughter’s knee, which she badly skinned earlier in the day, stung in the water. Otherwise, the pool trip was fairly uneventful.

Then dinner came. I had marinated steaks, sliced up zucchini, portabello mushrooms and some corn already prepped and ready to grill. I figured my husband could grill them while I put the kids to bed (they ate earlier and had a small snack when we got home.) But the propane tank was hissing, which meant it was leaking, and we had to unhook it and hook it back up again, along with some general fussing with the grill. And the zucchini burnt into shriveled black strips. I tried to make baked potatoes in the microwave to replace the charred vegetables, but the rest of the meal was ready before the potatoes. So we had a potato dessert.

The late workout, the trip to the pool, and the late meal kept me from sleeping. I tossed and turned. And then, finally, around 3 am I fell asleep. My son woke me up at 5:20 with a bloody leg. He had scratched it, and scratched it good. After fumbling around with a band-aid in my sleepy stupor, I laid back down, only to have the alarm go off 10 minutes later.

This morning, my husband was getting dressed for work and said, “Have you seen my work boots?” And we remembered that he didn’t bring them home from the gym. So he put on his sneakers and left for work, stopping by the gym on his way. But then 10 minutes later he came back in the front door, fuming. His boots? The ones he left in the cubby at the gym? They were gone. They were not in the locker room anywhere. Nor where they in the lost and found. They were gone. And, crap, now we have to go shopping for a new pair.

To top off the good karma we were experiencing (Ha!), I burnt my hand on the oven. Now my hand is officially hurt, what with the crushed, purple thumb and the burn and all. The oldest child I babysit for? He came over this morning a crying mess, and is the grumpiest child I have ever seen. Or experienced. And that’s saying a lot.

So it’s good times here at our house. Good times.


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