It’s not what you think.

Okay, um, I just realized something.

And I’m embarassed.

My title, the one up there in white, in all lowercase letters, that one? Well…

It can be taken to mean something not so wholesome. And for a mommmy-blog (because basically, that’s all this is) it may not be the best title.

You know what? I thought I was being cute when I came up with the title. It was my way of being cheeky. You know – instead of Grin and Bear It, I used Bare It. As in, Ha, Ha, baring all of my thoughts for you to read. But then, I realized, some people could come here to see someone baring it all. And boy are they disappointed when they get here, and no one is baring anything. Except me, and my mindless thoughts and activities. And really, that’s not what they want to see.

So, you people? You people who are here to see someone baring themselves to the world? THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU!

And the rest of you? The ones who are here to find out what we’re up to down here in the hot-as-hell south? This is indeed the place for you. And shame on you for not telling me I had such a risque title! It’s like letting someone go around with spinach in their teeth and not saying a word!! And then that person feels even more embarassed later on when they realize that their friends never told them they had something stuck in their teeth and they went around all day looking like that!!! Well, I’ll forgive you this once, but you’re going to have to let me know about these kinds of things!!!! I consider it your job to let me know when I’m going to make an ass of myself!!!!! Now start taking that job seriously!!!!!!

Ahem… okay, um, thanks. Just wanted to say that.


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