Weekend wrap-up.

I have realized that my last few blog posts have been of the complaining genre. I don’t want everyone to think that I only complain, so today, no complaining! I promise!

Instead, I’m going to dazzle you with our weekend doings. Yeah, dazzle. (It’s a good word, isn’t it. It makes me think of sparkling things, and jazz hands. Heee!)

On Friday evening, I made my husband go out long after his threshold for going out had expired. And no, I don’t mean go out as in go out to a club or bar or anything fun. I mean, I made him take me to a major discount store. You see, Friday afternoon I had finally unwrapped all the pictures we had packed up from our move (we moved in November. I’m quick to decorate, as you can see.) It has been bugging me for a while now that our walls were completely bare, so I figured I should just get everything out. Once everything was laid out, I thought I would figure out what would go where, and then hang it all up. Of course, I was going to have it all done by the time my husband got home from work. Because I’m ambitious like that. (And he cusses a lot when I make him do things like that.)

But it didn’t work out like I had planned. Mainly because I didn’t have the perfect picture to go over the couch on that mass expanse of wall. I just didn’t have anything big enough. And also it didn’t go as planned because my planning didn’t include the four children I had to take care of. (When did they get here? Can they hang photos? Um, no!) As for the over-the-couch spot, I did remember seeing a painting that I thought would go perfectly over the couch. It had all the right colors, and was a good, big size. And of course, I needed it right then and there. But I had to settle for when the little kids went home, and the rest of us had eaten dinner. That’s as close to right away as I ever get.

Off we went to, um, well, I wasn’t going to tell anyone, but, um, ok, we went to WalMart. And I bought a picture to hang above my couch in WalMart. (I swore my husband to secrecy. So you can’t tell anyone either. I was going to say something like, “We got this picture at a very exclusive and expensive store and then saw a cheaper version of it in WalMart, can you believe it?!) I did make my husband carry it through the store while we also picked up some lawn fertilizer. Don’t you just love that you can get everything in the same place? Even get your car worked on. Amazing! But I digress… I was very embarrassed to be buying mass-market art at a discount store.

We got to the checkout aisle, and had to pry various little impulse buys out of the kids’ hands. And it was while my husband was telling the kids to “be strong, resist the impulse buys” that he spotted the Pez dispensers. Not just any Pez dispensers, mind you, but Star Wars Pez dispensers. And oh how he loves anything Star Wars. So he greedily pawed thought the display to make sure we got one of every kind they had. And I didn’t encourage him in any way. Nope, I wasn’t telling him to check way in the back for more, not me.

After we had paid for our painting, lawn fertilizer and Pez dispensers, we had to load it all into the car. (Not a problem, we have a minivan! We can carry the world!) What was a problem, for me at least, was that I didn’t want a soul to see that we were carrying a picture to decorate our house with out of WalMart. The Pez dispensers, now they didn’t bother me. Funny.

The picture actually looks very good hung above my couch. The colors do match perfectly. I also got another picture hung in the downstairs bathroom. That makes two pictures total hanging in my house. The others? Well, they got wrapped back up and maybe sometime in the next six months I’ll get them up too. And we now have an old Easter basket full of Star Wars heads that dispense yummy candy. Unlike some, who would collect the Pez dispensers and never open them, we use them. I know, someone is cringing right now thinking about us opening the packages and decreasing their value. (Ha! That’s funny to me.)

I only know of one other person who may possibly have Star Wars Pez Dispensers in their house. And if you are reading this, tell me, did your Boba Fett one only have one package of candy in it? Because the others had three, but Boba, he just had one.

The rest of our weekend? We went to our neighborhood’s annual charity festival and the kids rode rides, my husband and son did a charity walk (they were two of four who actually walked the 2K) and it was very fun. We also ate out at a great Italian restaurant (yummy) and did a little shopping. It was fun, but evidently, not as fun as the painting from WalMart, because that’s all I talked about here. Huh.

(I have gone back and re-read this post. I apologize for the poor grammar and kind of all-over-the-place way of telling the story. But it’s Monday. Not that I get any better as the week goes on, but you get the gist, right?)


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