Coming out.

When I started this blog, it was kind of a lark. And I didn’t want people to know my real name. But then I sent out an email to some people I know to let them know that I had this blog. So then I figured, why keep my name a secret. I’m still not going to post my full name – thanks to horror stories of stalkers and such – but I figured, why not at least put my first name out there. Most of people who read my blog know my name anyway. And I’ve never really been an Ellie, I’m much more of an E (8/24/2006 edited to remove my name. I’m incognito again.) Which is kinda why I chose Ellie to post with in the first place. I was in disguise! You never would have guessed it was me! (Ha!)

So I’m coming out so that people can find my blog if they search for me. Because I’m sure tons of people are searching for me. Well, maybe someone is!

And now, a brief history. I was born in Iowa, but thanks to the US Navy, my family moved around a lot. I’ve lived in Scotland, Guam, Japan (briefly), Maryland, England, Iowa (briefly), North Carolina, South Carolina (briefly, again), Alabama and Tennessee. I’ve visited many more places, but to be honest with you, I don’t know if I could list them all. Most of my traveling was done when I was young. I went to high school at Lakenheath High School in England, and did a brief stint at college at University of Maryland. I’ve lived all around the Southeast since I’ve been married to my husband. And hopefully we’re going to stay put for a little while. (Oh no, I shouldn’t have said that, now I’ve jinxed it. We’ll be moving tomorrow!)

I may, just maybe, start to refer to my family members by name, but I’m still not sure about that. But me, well, now you know my name.

And I’m totally going to try and get some pictures up on here. And make it a little prettier. Because, who likes all that burgundy and gray – it’s boring. I may be boring, but at least my site doesn’t have to be!

So thanks for visiting, nice to meet you. (Like you totally didn’t already know my name, right? Everyone already did!)


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