Useless and bored. That about says it all.

I’m bored. So bored, and yet, really, I have so much I should be doing. I just cannot get my mind working. My powers of concentration have left me altogether. While trying to read the news headlines this morning, I completely spaced out and read everything twice before I had even realized I had read it twice. As in, hmmm, didn’t they just say something about that yesterday? Oh wait, no, it wasn’t yesterday, it was just this morning. I’m reading this for the second time!

I really should be working on the stuff for the accountant, and I will, but just not right now. And the level of dust in my house has reached dangerous proportions. So I guess I will have to dust soon. But right now? Right now I am useless, and bored.

The kids are watching TV (oh the glory of TV.) The baby is napping. And I am on the computer. Because if I have to watch any more children’s programming, I think I’ll completely lose it and go ape shit. Yeah, that bad. But the computer is running out of interesting things to tell me. This week, I have read all the gossip sites, the news, done a little online clothes browsing, and even looked up certain medical conditions on WebMD (because you never know and it pays to be informed.) I’ve even read the archives of other’s blogs to catch up on all the things I didn’t know about them. Mmm-Hmm, exciting!

Which leaves me with nothing much to do at the moment, and nothing much to write about here. Because I haven’t done anything interesting lately. We went to Wal-Mart last night. And ate McDonald’s food. See? You didn’t even need to hear about that. Ergo, I have nothing to write about. Except how bored I am.

Got anything interesting to tell me? Bring it on!


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