Of all the teachers to get, he gets her.

I wasn’t going to post again… I really planned on taking the kids outside and letting them run out some energy. But the kids, well, they will have to wait.

I just had to share with you the information that came home with my son today. Written on a booklet he did in his Kindergarten class was a note from his teacher. It said:

“He needs to write *scribbled out letter* neater and erase less. I can not read his writing.”

If I could scan it in for you, I would. The note about him erasing less was written with a scribbled out letter! The note asking him to write neater was in this horrible scrawl! And how, exactly, can a child – a Kindergartener, mind you – get his letters to be neater without erasing and trying again?

People, this teacher is the teacher I would never wish on any child. Instead of showing him how to do the work correctly, she criticizes. He comes home feeling bad about his work; feeling like he cannot do it right. It makes me sick.

Ok, now I will take these children outside. And I will rescue my child’s ego by letting him do something he is good at, and praising him profusely. Because he really is special, and smart, and capable. Even if his handwriting is not the best. (You should see his parents’ – The deck is stacked against him with this one!)


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