Oh heck, as long as I’m complaining…

Let me just say that I think accounting firms suck. Yeah, I said it… They suck.

I’m having an awful time with one right now, particularly one woman who does not know the concept of calling or emailing specifics in a language us normal people can understand, and I just had to publicly say how much they (meaning her, really) suck!

(Except I’m a wimp, and I won’t mention their name, or why exactly I think they suck because, well, defamation of character and all that. I’m sure lawyers suck even more that accountants.)

And one more thing I’m going to complain about since I’ve officially deemed this The Day That I Will Complain – the heat is here. The awful heat that I have dreaded since we moved back here has finally come to stay. And it is really, truly awful. Why do we need it to be so hot? Why can’t we do something about this awful heat? Yeah, yeah, I know, they did invent air conditioning. For that I am very grateful. But sometimes this girl likes to go outside. And it is now too miserable to be out there. Waahhhh!

Ok, complaining done. Pity party will continue through a full 24 hours. Then I will get over my damn self and get on with things! Hope you’re having a good day! (Someone ought to!)


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