Not like an elephant at all.

Somewhere along the line I lost my memory. And since it’s my memory I lost, I can’t remember when I lost it. I think it was just about the time I started having kids. (Some people may say I had already lost my mind before then, but we’re not going to listen to them, are we!)

Before, I could rely on my memory. I never forgot anything. And I really mean that. I was one of those freaky people who remembered even useless things. Birthdays? Knew them. Telephone numbers? Knew them. Old license plate numbers? Knew them too. I used to read things and be able to commit it to memory with ease. I was like an elephant (only not big and gray. And do they really never forget? How do we know?)

But now? Not so much. I read things, then have to re-read them not long after.

My son has a different schedule of classes for an hour each day (like library, art, PE, etc.) And the people at the school must be against me. They have changed it twice since he started going to this school, which means that I have to consult the paper that has the schedule on it every freakin’ day! And I don’t even know my own cell phone number. I had to program it into the phonebook-thingy so I can look it up when I need to give it to people. My home phone… well, I have most of it memorized. Honestly, I’m lucky I know my address.

My brother is getting married in a few weeks. I’m getting all the dates in writing. Because if I didn’t? I’d forget. And I don’t want to miss a chance to see the kids all spiffy-ed up. My sons going to be in a little tux (HEEEE!) and my daughter in a flower girl dress. And I believe this will be the first time all of my family will be in one place. Since, like, I was five or something. Yeah. Don’t want to miss that!

Now, what were we talking about? All I’m thinking about is the wedding now… were we talking about the wedding? I can’t remember…


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